country-estate-deckingWhy Country Estate Vinyl Decking?

  • Always cool to the touch and kind to bare feet. Surface grooved for a non-slick surface.
  • Also available with an embossed (wood grain) finish for a less glossy, more wood-like appearance.
  • Available in white, gray, almond and adobe. Country Estate Decking is made from 100% virgin PVC.
  • The color is solid throughout our extrusion.
  • Never discolors from pressure washing or constant exposure to water.
  • Forget slivers, rotting deck or squeaks.
  • No nail heads to snag- snow scoops off easily.
  • No more waterproofing with sealants or chemicals again – a safer play surface for children.

No Lead Added. PVC You Can Trust!

It is difficult to read the newspaper these days without seeing an article about the recent rash of recalls involving products made in China that contain lead. First came the recall of 500,000 pieces of children’s plastic jewelry that contained unsafe amounts of lead, next came the recall of 1.5 million Thomas & Friends™ toy trains and sets coated with lead paint then, most recently, the recall of 300,000 Mattel toys which was later expanded to include 253,000 more toys also made with lead paint.

These recalls should make consumers carefully consider the safety of the products they purchase, including their vinyl fences. In countries outside of the United States, it is not uncommon for lead to be used as a stabilizer in PVC compounds because it is cheaper and easier to process than the high-quality, safe alternatives.

There is currently no federal law in the United States that prohibits producing or selling vinyl products which contain lead. It is up to the manufacturers of vinyl products to police themselves and follow ethical business practices to keep lead out of their products.
Nebraska Plastics, the manufacturer of Country Estate vinyl fence, deck and railing, feels that consumers should not have to worry about harmful lead hidden in PVC products and is proud to be able to state that they never have and never will use lead as a stabilizer in their vinyl products.

Country Estate Polyvinyl Decking is…

beautiful, durable and priced competitive with redwood. It eliminates chemical cleaning and preservation treatments. And this vinyl decking doesn’t squeak when you walk on it. Country Estate Decking is made from 100% virgin PVC. The color is uniform throughout our solid wall extrusion, so it never shows a second color when scratched or marred like co-extruded polyvinyl. Without the need for waterproofing with sealants or chemicals, Country Estate Decking is a safe play surface for children and pets. Available in white, almond, gray, and adobe. And, if you like a more wood-like appearance, Country Estate Decking is also available with an embossed finish.